General Questions

Generally speaking, foreigners as persons can acquire only buildings but not land. Since April 2014, foreign citizens are not allowed to buy plots of agricultural/forest land and vineyards. The restriction is for all foreign citizens, no matter the nationality. It was suggested by the previous government and not yet reconsidered by the current. What foreign clients can acquire at the moment are plots of regulated (building) land, houses with gardens, apartments.

Exceptions to this rule are now applicable to EU physical and legal persons. They are allowed to buy houses with gardens and regulated plots of land in Bulgaria on their own names as physical persons. The Treaty of Accession of Bulgaria to the EU allowed Bulgaria to keep the prohibition for EU physical and legal persons to buy land in Bulgaria for up to 5 years for land and up to 7 years for forests and agricultural land after its accession to the EU. The 5-year term has now finished and since 1.01.2012 all EU persons are allowed to buy plots in Bulgaria (all plots that are within the zoning of the settlements, houses with gardens and ideal parts of the land coming with apartments) without any restrictions.

We charge 99.99 euros fee, for finding the best matches currently available on the market, based on your preferences. The list with suitable options will be send to you. If than, you have un interest in purchasing something from the list and you want us to help you finalize or negotiate the dial with the seller, we may add additional fee(2%-5%) to the final price. We also charge € 50 viewing fee + €0.10 per kilometer.

Our professional service is recommended to anyone. What we can deliver is absolutely unique in Bulgaria. We are not just sending you some properties listed for sale. We are looking under every "rock" to find you the best suitable place for you, on the right price. Our sources are: offline sale ads, real estate magazines, direct sellers submitting pitches to us, online & offline portfolios, Bulgarian and foreign websites. Keep in mind that the most of the undervalued properties are visible for the selected few, but with us you have also access to them. Also if you tell us in advance when you will be coming to Bulgaria, we can arrange viewings to fit your schedule (even a tight one!). We charge € 50 viewing fee + €0.10 per kilometer. We can also arrange your accommodation and meet you at the airport.

Obviously you will need your passport, but also some Euros if you want to place a deposit immediately. (You can bring up to 10,000 Euros each into Bulgaria without declaring it if you have come from another EU country.). 

You will need to pay a deposit (normally about 10-20% of the price and a minimum of 2000 euros) which is non refundable. This ensures that the property is removed from the market and not sold to anyone else.

Travelers’ cheques are cashed only in the big towns and they charge high commissions on them. You can pay us a deposit using your credit card for your property. Normal cheques take about 4 weeks to clear and they are not suitable for payments, especially for placing a deposit!

You will be able to transfer the balance for the purchase of the property to our company bank account, covering all the bank charges, so that we can receive the exact needed amount. All the terms and conditions for the installments, when and where to pay will be described in the mediation contract you will have with Moving to Bulgaria  Also, our Sales Manager will be constantly in touch with you to lead you through the purchase process. Bank transfer is the most common way for payment of balances for property purchases. However, we can discuss other options upon your request. 

Yes, this is possible, but not always so straight forward. You will have to get documents signed and stamped in the UK. It is often easier and quicker to come to Bulgaria for a couple of days and sort everything out here. Plus, you will be able to see the property.

Yes, you will have title deeds in your name, or if you are buying through a company, your company name.

Specific Questions

No problem, we can recommend a complete range of professional tradesmen who will work to the budget that you set them. You just need to tell them your requirements and negotiate the different options with them.

At the moment EU citizens can stay in Bulgaria for 90 days in any 6 months. Any more than that and you can easily apply for a Residence Certificate once you are in Bulgaria. This is valid for up to five years. Non EU citizens should contact the Bulgarian Embassy in their home country, for up to date visa information.

There are few annual fees that must be paid every year to drive a car in our country:
Third party insurance, 80 Euros per year. Road tax (depending on the engine power): around 80 Euros per year for a 2.0 litre engine and MOT, 20 Euros per year. Many cars in Bulgaria are equipped with LPG systems, which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than petrol. Bulgaria has the cheapest brand new cars in Europe. For example a brand new Renault Clio costs only 10 000 € EURO. Second hand vehicles of any type and brand are also widely available.

In the bigger towns, you can use your cards, but still only in the larger shops. All the hotels will accept cards, and all the major petrol stations, but in general most other transactions are carried out in cash.