A Trusted Partner from Day 1

  • We simply find what you are looking for and save you money from agency fees (because we work mostly with owners)
  • We pick top 10 properties based on your preferences
  • We send them to you with full details and unbeatable price
  • You don't waste time searching & translating
  • We can negotiate or proceed with document preparation
  • We can arrange viewings and transportation for you
  • With us you don't only save money but also a lot of time

Why choose Moving to Bulgaria

We are a professional young team, with a goal to satisfy all of our customers.

Bulgaria, the place to find and share

We specialize in providing a premium service aiding you to find a perfect place to live in Bulgaria. We communicate directly with the sellers negotiating the best prices currently available in the country.

Our offers are 100% personalized based on your preference and financial status. From a cozy studio to a luxurious mansion, we can find you the palace of your dreams.

Our solutions are suitable to anyone. What we can deliver is absolutely unique in Bulgaria. We are not just sending you some properties listed for sale. We are looking under every "rock" to find you the best suitable place for you, on the right price.

The sources we incorporate are: offline sale ads, real estate magazines, direct sellers submitting pitches to us, online & offline portfolios, Bulgarian and foreign websites. Keep in mind that the most of the undervalued properties are visible for the selected few, but with us you have also access to them.

Also if you tell us in advance when you will be coming to Bulgaria, we can arrange viewings to fit your schedule (even a tight one!). We charge € 50 viewing fee + €0.10 per kilometer. We can also arrange your accommodation and meet you at the airport.