Republic of Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe. Bordering Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east. It’s the 16th largest country in Europe and an EU member since 2007.

It features notable diverse landscape ranging from snow-capped peaks in Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains to the mild and sunny Black Sea coast. From the typically continental Danubian Plain in the north to the strong Mediterranean climatic influence in the valleys of Macedonia and in the lowlands in the southernmost of Thrace. Most of the country is situated within the humid continental climate region, with Alpine climate in the highest mountains and subtropical climate in southernmost regions.  The country has four well-defined seasons .

This diversity allows year round outdoor activities . From skiing in the winter to hiking and the autumn and spring to relaxing summer days in one of the many beach resorts located on the Black Sea.

Being one the of the oldest countries in Europe (The First Bulgarian Empire founded in the year 681) and with evidence of human occupation dating 1.4 million years ago, with a  number of ancient civilizations, including the Thracians, Ancient Greeks, Romans  ,Ostrogoths  ,Slavs , Varangians and probably Bulgars , have left their mark on the culture, history and heritage . Because of this Bulgarian nation has one of the richest folk heritage in the world. Thracian artifacts include numerous tombs and golden treasures, while ancient Bulgars have left traces of their heritage in music and early architecture. Thracian rituals such as the Zarezan,Kukeri  and Martenzitza  are to this day kept alive in the modern Bulgarian culture.The oldest treasure of worked gold in the world, dating back to the 5th millennium BC, comes from the site of the Varna Necropolis. Bulgaria has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Archaeologists assume that Bulgaria has the third largest number of archaeological sites in Europe after Italy and Greece.

The major cities in Bulgaria are modern yet they keep the antique soul of the country exploring them is like a walk throughout history. There is something for everybody.

Prices in the country vary but are affordable unlike most of the European countries. According to a survey done in 2016 the recommended budget for a family of four is 1000 Euros. This covers rent, food and living expenses.  The housing is also very affordable with prices in the capital starting out at 15000 euro.

To sum it up Bulgaria is an ancient nature diamond wrapped in rich culture and history and with a affordable price tag. A perfect place for anyone with tight budget, looking for a quiet yet beautiful place to settle.


Legal and natural persons enjoy the flat rate of 10% on their income. Bulgaria has the lowest tax rates on income in Europe.


The Bulgarian labour force is known to be highly qualified and at the same time the employer’s expenses for personnel are the lowest within Europe.


Bulgaria is not a huge country still, don’t let that fool you as size does not always matter when it comes to gorgeous scenery and natural wonders!


“The people are so nice!” is something you often read when someone had a positive experience about Bulgaria.


  • Affordable
  • Culture&History
  • Nature
  • Low taxes
  • Tasty Food


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